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Exercises on a Ski Machine

There are a number of exercises you can do on a ski machine.

Ski machines are often used as a good form of exercise. There are a number of possibilities that could be done on this machine for different types of workouts and different goals. Ski machines are a good type of workout and can burn a lot more calories than a treadmill. These machines also help one’s skill in skiing, and provide a similar simulation of what it actually is like skiing down a slope, of course without the freezing temperatures and harsh crashes.

Exercises that can be attempted on a ski machine are moving from side to side with your feet together, forward strides, backward strides, and inclined strides. The first exercise, moving from side to side with your feet together is an excellent workout. It focuses a lot on arm work and balance. This is probably the closest simulation you well get to skiing, on a ski machine. Although it doesn’t burn as many calories, it moves every muscle of the body, keeping you active and moving.

The second exercise is forward strides. This is very similar to using an elliptical machine. Strides are just like jogging, and are very simple to do. The main goal of this is to work out the legs and the arms. As long as you keep good form, this exercise can be done for a while and can burn a lot of calories. A way to make this workout even harder is to increase resistance for a more full leg workout.

The third exercise is backward strides. This is about the same as forward strides, but it focuses more on the hamstrings which are in the back of the leg. These are also very simple to do, however they require more effort to balance yourself than the forward strides. Although this exercise isn’t widely done, it is an excellent way to burn calories and to build the hamstring muscle. Resistance is a great way to make it into a tougher workout.

Lastly, the final exercise is inclined strides. This really focuses on the quadriceps muscle which is right above the knee (front thigh). Adding an incline makes the workout much harder and really puts a lot of strain on your quadriceps. This is a great workout for people who do sports like soccer, track, football, and much more. This workout is usually good for up to 15 minutes, but afterwards you will feel sore for a bit.





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